Statistical Speech Technology Group


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University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

SST Group Software

The SST group is making an attempt to take all of our software that's supported as software, and post it on the SST github page. On the other hand, we also support the idea of reproducible research, and in support of that idea, this web page lists a large number of script dumps, from individual publications, that are not really supported, but that are posted here in case you'd like to try them. For help on any particular package, please contact the first author of the paper listed. Thanks!

Data Formats

Acoustic Features

Acoustic Modeling

Pronunciation Modeling


Multimedia Analytics

Audio Enhancement

Voice Activity Detection

Formant Tracking

Software from the rest of the world

Speech Recognition

Speech Synthesis

Machine Translation and Language Modeling

Auditory Modeling

Experiment Design

Operating Systems, Development, Libraries and Languages