The Speech Chain

ECE 538, Spring 2006

The goal of this course is to give students of speech, hearing, and language sciences, phonetics, and psychology the tools they require in order to quantitatively model speech production and perception. This course is designed to satisfy two specific curricular goals, and one research goal. (1) ECE 538 satisfies the ASHA Audiology certification requirement for curriculum in the "Physical characteristics and measurement of acoustic stimuli" and the "Principles, methods, and applications of psychoacoustics." (2) ECE 538 provides, to linguists, the physical and psychophysical foundations upon which to build future courses and research. (3) In addition to its curricular goals, ECE 538 is specifically designed to facilitate inter-disciplinary research by providing a common vocabulary. Syllabus is here.

Lectures, Homework, and Quizzes