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ECE401 is an introduction to signal and image analysis and processing methods for advanced undergraduates or graduate students in the biological, physical, and social, engineering and computer sciences. The course will develop an understanding of signal analysis methods and their capabilities, weaknesses, and artifacts with an emphasis on their practical application. Significant hands-on processing and interpretation of real data will be performed using Matlab. Students may not receive credit for both ECE 310 and ECE 401.



The primary textbook for this course is DSP First, by McClellan, Schafer and Yoder, 2nd edition, 2015.

Here's a list of some other texts, both on-line and in hardcover, that you might find useful.


Grades are based on

There is also extra credit for in-class participation: 0.5% each time you solve a problem in class on the blackboard, up to a total of 2.5% for the semester.


Each written homework assignment includes two problems, but you only need to do one of them. After your homework problem is graded and handed back, if you don't like the score you received, then within one week, you can do the second problem. If you get a higher score on the second problem, it replaces your original score. Grade-replacement problems must be completed within one week after the homework is handed back.


There are three exams, each of which will be held during the regular lecture hour. For each exam, you can bring:

Past Semesters

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